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Timahoe National School, Timahoe, Portlaoise

Book Rental

Dear Parent/Guardian,
The Book Rental and Classroom Requisite Scheme will continue for the next school-year 2022/2023
The scheme benefits all children in that all textbooks, digital resources, workbooks, photocopying, copy-books, folders, stationery, art and craft supplies and testing materials will be provided for the children saving the need for shopping or book-covering by parents.
Books will be collected from the children at the end of the year. Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced.
Below is the cost of the Book Rental Scheme for the coming year.

It will be payable via Aladdin Connect from July 26th

  • Book Rental :  Books and Workbooks                                                                                                    70 euro per child
  • Arts and Crafts, Photocopying, Testing                                                                                                 40 euro per child
  • Digital Resources, Stationery including pens, colours, folders, zip pockets, book boxes                     15 euro per child

 Total for the year = 125 euro per child   

Please feel free to contact reception to arrange for payments in instalments.
Stay safe

Yours sincerely,
Ann Bergin